All decimal points lit on West N-series products

If all available decimal point LEDs are lit up on a West N series controller, profiler or indicator, it means that all of its Setup Mode parameters are at their factory default values.
In this case it may look like this 8.8.8.; or etc. with a dot between each normal digit, so 22 appears as . .2.2; and 22.2 would appear as .2.2.2.

This condition will be seen on n-series products when they are new and have not yet been set up for an application. It may also be seen if changes have been made to the Configuration Mode parameters (e.g. changing the input type or range) which causes the instrument to return all setup mode parameters to default.

To clear the dots, first ensure that all Configuration Mode settings are correct, then enter and complete Setup Mode.
Once setup mode is complete, exit back to the normal operator screen. The decimal points should now be correct.