Replacing the CAL 8472KDS and/or 8472KD

The CAL 6000 and 8000 series controllers have been obsolete since May 2013.
The YFC8472KDS and/or YFC8472KD were sold in large numbers to a Scandinavia company working in the marine industry, so there are many requests for an alternative. The closest replacement is one of the CAL9900 series controllers. Although an older generation product itself, the 9900 is still made, and is the only practical replacement for this application.

The CAL8000 and CAL9900 series are very different devices, but they still perform the same basic temperature control function. Critically, both have an 11-pin base connection on the rear. The terminal numbers / positions are identical, although the 9900 does end up upside-down if the user doesn’t invert the din-rail mounted socket.

YFC8472KDS had the following spec and settings.
Input= 0-200°C K type thermocouple
Supply= 230VAC
SP1= SSR Driver (for proportional control)
SP2= Relay (for deviation low alarm)
XP5= Prop Band pre-set to 5% on YFC8472KDS (not pre-set on YFC8472KD)
TP5= Cycle Time Prop Band pre-set to 5sec on YFC8472KDS (not pre-set on YFC8472KD)
D/S= Downscale input break protection
It is an analogue controller, so the setpoint is adjusted by the user (0-200°C) using the knob on the front.

CAL99212C has a universal input (so can be configured for K thermocouple), it has SP1= SSR Driver and SP2= Relay output. The supply voltage is 230VAC.
It is an electronic type controller, with 4 digit LED display. The user has to put in some basic settings to make it work correctly for their application:

Function Code Setting
0= 0
1= 0
2= As Req Is the deviation alarm value
3= 0
4= 2
5= 5
6= 1
7= 2
8= 1
9= 0
10= 0
11= 0
12= 0
13= 0
14= 0
15= 0
16= 2
17= 0
18= 0
19= 2
20= 1
21= 1
22= 0
23= N/A Is firmware version (read only)
24= 200

Leave all Advanced Settings at defaults