CAL 9900 says "xxx"H

If when the CAL9900 is running in normal operator mode, it is displaying xxxH, where “xxx” is a flashing number between 4 and 100, it means that the controller has been put into Manual Mode.
In manual mode, the controllers PID algorithm is suspended, and the power output level is set and adjusted from 4% to 100% by the operator.

CAUTION: Manual Mode should be used with care because the power output level is set by the operator, and therefore the PID algorithm is no longer in control of the process. The operator MUST maintain the process at the desired level manually.

To adjust the power value, or to exit back automatic control operation:
1. Press the P key to display the first of the setup function codes. The value shown will be xxx.0 with the “0” flashing. “xxx” will be the current % power output.
2. Press the * key to make xxx flash, meaning that the value of xxx can now be changed.
a. If you wish to return to Automatic Mode, use the DOWN key to change the value of xxx to "0" (so the display says 0.0).
b. If instead you want to remain in manual mode, but just want to change the power level, use the UP or DOWN keys to set a new power value from 4 to 100%. Values of 0 to 3 have special functions (see below).
3. Once you have the value correctly set, press the P key to enter normal operator mode.

Note: Setting this value to 0 selects automatic mode.
1 or 2 will begin one of the automatic tuning procedures.
3 is “Park Mode” meaning Control Disabled, where the control output(s) are turned off.